Bus Repair

We Know Bus Repair Inside and Out

If you drive a bus or own one, you know how to handle the vehicle safely and how to keep it in good shape, but as well all know, accidents do happen. You can’t control the other drivers on the road and despite your best efforts, buses can break down and require repair.

When you require bus repair in Omaha, Nebraska, call Central Body Company. We’ve found over the years that bus owners don’t have a wide range of options for when it comes to collision and mechanical repair services. That's why we make sure that our shop has the capacity to work on buses and that our crew has the required expertise to do an exemplary job.

A One-Stop Solution for Bus Repair At Central Body Company, we feature mechanical, collision, and cosmetic repair services for every type of bus. Whether it's a school bus, shuttle bus or commercial bus, we're skilled at repairing them all .

To keep your fleet on the road, you need to have buses operating properly and looking good. At Central Body Company, we can do it all in-house, so the bus never leaves our facility until the work is complete. We know that time is money and that's why we are committed to providing quick service with convenient business hours.

With locations in Omaha, Nebraska and Council Bluffs, Iowa, we can cover more territory and work on your fleet more effectively. Repairing buses is a specialty and all of our technicians are adept at repairing a wide variety of issues on buses of all sizes.

Don’t let your fleet suffer because of faulty equipment or poor maintenance. Call our Omaha shop (402) 551-3177, our Council Bluffs shop (712) 352-0099, or book an appointment online for added convenience.



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