5 Ways to Prep Your RV During the Off-Season

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During the summer, you use your RV regularly for camping trips and family vacations. Your RV is so busy during this season that you don’t have time to address all of its problems.

The winter, then, is a good time to take your RV to an auto body repair center for a makeover. Here are some more preparation ideas to consider so your RV is ready for summer fun.

5 Ways to Prep Your RV During the Off-Season

  1. Cleaning

Since you’re not currently using your RV, the winter is a great time to perform a deep cleaning. Some cleaning tasks to complete include:

  • Scrub oven and burners
  • Clean windows, including window seals
  • Remove water stains on all appliances
  • Remove scratches on wood furniture
  • Clean bathroom shower, toilet, and sink
  • Mop floors and whiten grout
  • Clean out and scrub refrigerator
  • Wash all sheets and linens
  • Clean and sanitize kitchen sink and disposal
  • Vacuum and have carpet professionally cleaned

If you dread deep cleaning, choose a Saturday to complete the project with family and friends. Blast music while you work to make the process more enjoyable.

  1. Repairs and Replacements

Even if it’s never been in an accident, your RV can develop various problems. Look closely for dings, scratches, and chips in any of the following parts:

  • Windshield
  • Fiberglass front
  • Roof
  • Aluminum skin
  • Rear cap

If these parts are damaged beyond repair, they may require replacement.

You may also need to replace any metal parts on your RV, such as wall panels and trim. If you do, find an RV repair shop that offers metal fabrication.

When you take your RV into the repair shop, have the mechanics perform routine maintenance as well. For example, if your tires have less than 4/32 inch tread depth, you’ll need to get them replaced, or if your battery is reaching the end of its life, you’ll need a new battery.

RV specialists can also check other parts of your RV, such as your brakes, windshield wipers, gas lines, and electrical components. Ensuring these components work correctly in the winter can help you prevent serious safety issues while you’re adventuring in the summer.

  1. Weather Repairs

At some point, you may have driven your RV through harsh conditions like hail, wind, and sand. These hazards can take their toll on your RV’s exterior. They can wear down paint, create dings and scratches, and even break glass and metal.

But harsh conditions can impact more than your RV’s appearance. Moisture can enter through broken roofs, vents, and fiberglass, damaging your RV’s interior as well.

If your RV has significant weather damage, bring it for repairs right away. If you don’t get your RV repaired, you risk the damage worsening later on. If this happens, your insurance company may even deny your late claim.

  1. Remodeling

The winter season is a perfect time to invest in any remodeling you’ve been wanting. RV remodeling can update its look, enhance its functionality, and provide your family with increased comfort.

An RV professional can replace your RV’s carpet, kitchen, flooring, furniture, windows, and cabinetry. You could also get a new look by adding new wallpaper, paint, and curtains.

Perhaps you want to add new furniture, such as a kitchen table and chairs, a couch, a bookshelf, or a computer desk. Before you purchase a new piece of furniture, measure out the space necessary for it inside your RV. Also, make sure it can fit through your RV door. If you choose to keep your current furniture, you can update the look by getting the furniture reupholstered.

You could also update your RV’s safety features by adding larger rear view mirrors or a backup camera. If you need plumbing repairs or want to replace your sink or toilet, you’ll need to locate a plumber familiar with RV work. An electrician will be required for updates to your lighting or appliances.

  1. Painting and Striping

If you’re planning on updating your RV’s interior, pair it with a stunning new exterior. Your painting and striping choices give your RV not only class, but identity as well.

Auto professionals can touch up small dings and chips with paint spotting. Better yet, they can completely repaint your RV to help it look attractive, clean, and fresh. These professionals can also add new stripes or graphics for a custom look.

You can stick to traditional colors or you can choose a unique, artistic design. Your RV’s design can help your RV stand out, but be sure to keep the design more traditional if you’re hoping to sell your RV in the future.

Don’t let an annoying repair issue interrupt your summer camping trips. Prepping your RV during the winter can ensure your vehicle is ready to go once summer comes around. Plus, by renovating and painting your RV, you can feel like you have a brand new vehicle.

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