3 Things to Expect From an Automobile Paint Job

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You need your car to look professional. You take it to work, and pick up clients with it. Unfortunately, your old, reliable vehicle isn’t looking as sleek as it used to. The paint has chipped, peeled, and ripped off in some spots, exposing the metal underneath. This beaten-up aesthetic simply won’t do.

While you’re motivated to fix this problem, there’s one major issue: your budget. You aren’t in a financial position to purchase a new car, especially when the one you have performs well. What should you do?

Nothing will more effectively revitalize your car’s aesthetic than a professional, custom automobile paint job. Certified technicians perform this service, utilizing a computerized, color-matching system to find your car’s exact hue and spraying the new coat in a heated paint booth. This process transforms your vehicle and make it look brand-new. Here are three things we think you should expect from it.

  1. High-Quality Automobile Paint Jobs Take Time

Before you drop your car off to be repainted, you have to remove everything that’s inside it. Your technicians will remove the seats, trim, dashboard, console, and engine. They’ll take off the car’s clear coat and remaining paint, and then buff and seal any dents or structural imperfections.

After your technicians perform this basic prep, they will add two or three layers of primer. These layers will prevent the old paint color from penetrating the new paint job. Next, your car will enter a heated paint booth where your technicians will spray every visible inch of its exterior.

Most auto body shops that specialize in painting will take at least a week to finish a total vehicle repaint. For a partial paint job, it may take only a few days. Though this seems somewhat lengthy and inconvenient, it’s a process that includes many steps and details. Avoid bringing your car to a shop that offers a quick and easy paint job because it’s likely a less meticulous service.

  1. Paint Jobs Represent a Significant Investment in Your Car’s Resale Value

Auto paint jobs aren’t cheap. They take a long time to do. They require special equipment, a significant amount of labor, and lot of paint. Because of this combination of materials and manpower, you could spend anywhere from $400 to $4,000 on a new paint job.

Those estimates could make even the least frugal person you know do a double-take. That said, it’s necessary to view your automobile paint job as an investment in your vehicle.

For older cars with hundreds of thousands of miles on them, new paint might not be the most worthwhile investment. That said, a well-done custom paint job costs significantly less than a new car. It will transform your car’s exterior, making it look more professional. This process will quell any lingering concerns you have about picking up clients and meeting your boss for lunch in your car.

For lightly used or newer vehicle, it also could mean the difference between being able to resell your car at a higher or a lower price. A new automobile paint job gives your car a polished appearance. It covers up signs of wear and tear from salt, sun, gravel, and sand.

This exterior restoration will last for years, effectively reserving any body damage it had before the paint job. With these benefits, you have a substantial chance of being able to resell your car and giving its new owner a stunning vehicle to drive.

  1. You Have the Option to Create a Completely Different Look

Your car has the same cerulean blue color as every other model its manufacturer makes. While you’ve never disliked the color, it certainly doesn’t turn any heads.

Now, with an automobile paint job, you can change it. Instead of using a factory-issue color to restore your car to its original, blue-colored glory, you can choose something totally different. You can select a color based on what the shop offers, or ask your technician to create a new, unique color for your car.

Custom paint jobs are growing in popularity. Some car owners experiment with changing up the colors of their bumpers, wheels, and handles. Others add layered paint to give their car’s exterior the appearance of texture.

If you do decide on a unique color, make sure you save information about its color profile. Your car may get scratched or scuffed one day in the near future, and you’ll want the color profile for a touch-up.

Before you schedule an automobile paint job, review the information we’ve provided. A full repaint is a major commitment, in money and time. Therefore, you should choose who handles your vehicle’s exterior wisely.

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